My very first memories as a child revolve around a giant double oven and a gas stove, overflowing with flavors of butter, bacon, fried chicken and cinnamon buns.

My great-grandmother was the genius. When I was just 5 years old, she would pull up a chair next to the stove for me to watch in awe as she flipped perfectly fried eggs ever-so-delicately, or slid a luscious apple pie into the oven.

Over the years, every chance we had together, she taught me all she knew about food, the science of baking, how to taste flavor, to always cook with passion; and most importantly, to do everything with love. That makes all the difference, she would say.

When she passed away at the ripe age of 96, every single person who spoke at her memorial shared the same memory: that she “loved well”.

And I decided right then and there, that I would take all that she had taught me, and would do my best to carry on her legacy: to love well.

So now, every chance I get, I bake from my heart, and my only wish is that everyone would know, from the very first bite, how loved they are.




Meghan is all things brilliant. She is an amazing designer, coordinator, hostess, and so much more. 




I have dreamed my entire life of making things beautiful. Of drawing out the beauty inside people, spaces, and things. As a florist and stylist I love being able to set a table and create a space for vulnerability and laughter, a space where stories are shared and celebrated.